Inspired by the writings of French solo sailor Bernard Moitessier and referencing the instructional diagrams found in ‘Weather for the Mariner’ and various volumes of the British ‘Admiralty Manual of Navigation’, the works explore language, line, and our distance from various forms of knowledge.

The romanticism of the sea is translated into a series of abstracted symbols, its own language.  Similar to morse code, it is a language that, for most of us, sits at the edge of our comprehension.

Moitessier was most famous for abandoning his chance to win the first solo non-stop circumnavigation – sending a message by slingshot to a passing freighter explaining that he was continuing around again ‘to save my soul.’

If the sea has something to teach us, then it was Moitessier who epitomized its lessons.  His writings about sailing bridge the technical with the philosophical and make us aware of layers of meaning to be found in the most seemingly banal instructions for surviving life alone on the ocean.

mixed media on canvas and paper (including drywall compound, gesso, thread, ink and graphite)

Selected works from this series are available at Julie M Gallery in Toronto.