IOTA Gallery pop up! June 6th!

IOTA: Gallery, a pop-up event
5670 Spring Garden Rd., Halifax, NS, Credit Union Atlantic
Saturday, June 6th, 2015, 1pm to 4pm

IOTA: Gallery is a pop up shop and online gallery celebrating fourteen contemporary Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick artists and two Halifax commercial art gallery on Saturday, June 6th, as one of the Credit Union pop-up events. The represented contemporary artists  are also represented in the IOTA: Gallery online and work in various disciplines such as printmaking, performance, painting, text-based, jewelry, and ceramics.

IOTA: Gallery Artists: Bruce Barber, Jordan Bennett, Mark Bovey, Sandra Brownlee, Lucie Chan, Amanda Dawn Christie, Cliff Eyland, Craig Leonard, Yorodeo, D’Arcy Wilson, and Kate Ward.

IOTA: featured galleries:
HERMES: presenting artist Barbara Lounder
Studio 21: presenting artists Carly Butler and Jason Holley

I will be showing 4 pieces – here professionally photographed in my kitchen…
IMG_4541 IMG_4542 IMG_4543 IMG_4544

All are on panel – first 3 are 8 x 10 in., last is 9 x 12 in.

Upcoming exhibits

Exhibition ends tomorrow – April 26th!  Solo exhibition ‘The captain knew too well where he was’ – Julie M Gallery, Toronto – March 19th – April 26, 2015.  See installation shots here

show installation

Papier15 – Works on Paper Contemporary Art Fair.  April 24-26.  Showing with Studio 21.

Residency – Women’s Art Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY – August 24th- September 19, 2015 – exhibition September 3-24th, 2015

Days 27 and 28

Studio space is just a state of mind…


Working away in my sister’s backyard before I go.  Only 2 days left!  Who has time to blog! (Did I ever actually? Not really…live and learn: residency + toddler = no additional time for naval gazing and writing)

Got closer with my sextant navigation though (at least, not up near New Orleans anymore:


And got to one antique store.  They didn’t have what I was looking for, but they did have a whole load of letterpress trays and type, including trays of logos and amazing weird things.  If only it wasn’t all huge and/or made of lead – I would take it all home with me! But it confirms my suspicions that there must be a letterpress studio in Merida…somewhere.

IMG_4017 IMG_4016 IMG_4015 IMG_4014 IMG_4012

Days 23-26

Phew.  Well, there have been a few new developments – mainly that I’ve left my studio at the beach and have relocated to the city of Merida for the final week.  I’m really sad to leave Sisal but it was time, and I want to take advantage of all that Merida has before I leave, plus I want to see more of my sister who lives there ; )

So it’s been time to shift gears slightly and focus on going to galleries and seeing some work other than my own.

On Friday I stopped in and met Canadian Barbara Mcclatchie at her gallery in the Centro Historico.  The gallery takes up the front two rooms of her incredible historic home and was a real treat to visit.

gallery in la'kech

She was showing these wonderfully delicate miniature collages by Mexican artist Armando Sáenz Carrillo:


On Tuesday night I’ll head to an opening at the City Museum (Museo de la Ciudad).


Lots to do – haven’t even been to main contemporary art gallery yet.  And there’s also a few amazing antique stores to visit.

I’m going to still try and work on a few things this week before I leave.  I’m staying at my sister’s and I think I can work in the backyard on the walls:


It looks a little scary in this pic (didn’t get round to a photo until the sun went down!), but I have faith it can work.

Day 20 and 21

Back working with the sextant and even though my latest fix puts me near New Orleans (which I am not), at least now I know where I went wrong, which is, of course, half the battle.  Phew.  It’s finally starting to make some sense.  Finally.

AND, finally, the cyanotypes have started to work.  Or I’ve started to actually figure that part out too.  Relief all round…


The reason I’m so far off with my navigation (apart from trying my best to do this myself without help from Captain Ken) is that I did not realize until today that 12:00 is not actually noon.  I know right?  But it’s true: clocks “keep the time of a fictitious or mean sun”.
Mean indeed…
Anyway, little wonder I’m plotting myself as being on the other side of the Gulf of Mexico.  There is nothing like navigation to make you feel like a total idiot who knows nothing about the basics of the world.

So now I have to figure out when my ‘local noon’ actually happens.  I could, as at sea, take a sight every 3 minutes until the sun’s altitude stops increasing.  But as anyone with a toddler knows, trying to do anything every 3 minutes (accurately or not) is an exercise in futility and frustration – plus, I’m not actually moving so I can cheat a bit.  Enter, the stick:


finding local noon

I’ll see how this works tomorrow.

The original idea was to take a navigational fix every day using the sextant, plot it on the chart, and then photograph the chart and turn the image into a cyanotype immediately after (using the sun to develop a negative).  Simples right?

Well, I’ve done two.  Sometimes (ok, quite often), I set myself ridiculously unrealistic goals.  It sounded simple (ish), but then I hadn’t used a sextant before or really done many cyanotypes before either.  The whole process takes me around 5 hours from start to finish (not accounting for interruptions, so basically it takes the whole day).

So I have a new goal: plot where I am every month as I, quite by serendipitous accident, took my first sight on December 21st (though only completed the calculations later), and then my second today, January 21st.  So I’ve decided this will be an ongoing project and not something I’m going to be able to ‘finish’ in the next week.  I actually think it’s better this way.  I’ll have to make sure I have a chart for wherever I’m going to be on the 21st of the month, and hopefully my navigation will get faster and more accurate (let’s face it, it couldn’t really be any slower or more inaccurate…).

But I’m happy with the photographs I’m getting of the sextant as I fix and correct for ‘index error’ (basically ensuring the horizon lines up):


And there’s some small consolation in having to use my iPhone to take the photos instead of my Nikon that was stolen – I don’t think I would be able to shoot through the sextant telescope with the Nikon anyway (at least that’s what I’m telling myself).

Somehow, in this second to last week here it’s all starting to come together…