Upcoming exhibition: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia


Very excited to be showing several works at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia’s upcoming exhibition ‘Terroir: A Nova Scotia Survey Exhibition opening June 25, 2016.

Works will include the ongoing video piece Anywhere Else and the Index Error series of sextant photos:

Index Error1

Index Error1

Index Error 2

Index Error 2

Index Error III

Index Error III



Halifax, April 12, 2016—Following a call to submissions and juried process, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia has revealed the list of artists selected for its upcoming Terroir: a Nova Scotia Survey exhibition, opening on June 25, 2016.

From the Latin “terre,” meaning land, terroir is defined as the set of special characteristics that the geography, geology, and climate of a certain place express in certain agricultural products, most notably wine. Loosely translated, terroir is a “sense of place,” and the exhibition seeks to ambitiously unearth and celebrate the unique flavor of Nova Scotian’s very own terroir.

The one-of-a-kind art competition engaged artists across the province by inviting the submission of works in a diversity of artistic mediums, with no demographic or age restrictions. The process will culminate in showcasing contemporary works by the 29 selected artists—acclaimed and emerging—and provide the public with an opportunity to engage with Nova Scotia’s rich visual culture.

The selection panel consisted of David Diviney, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Bruce Johnson, Independent Curator, and Sarah Fillmore, Chief Curator, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

The list of 29 selected artists:

Wayne Boucher
Mark Bovey
Carly Butler
Matthew Collins
Melanie Colosimo
Frances Dorsey
Denise Dumas
Margarita Fainshtein
Steve Farmer
Lorraine Field
Angela Glanzmann
Ursula Johnson
Laura Kenney
Janice Leonard
Anne Macmillan
John Macnab
Dawn MacNutt
Sarah Maloney
John Mathews
Ben Mosher
Jaye Ouellette
Susan Paterson
Amanda Rhodenizer
Steven Rhude
Kent Senecal
David Stephens
Susan Tooke
Christopher Webb
Charley Young

2015 recap

The year kicked off with a solo exhibition at Julie M Gallery – The Captain Knew Too Well Where He Was

julie m exhibition installation

View more installation shots here.

Julie M Invite

Participated in the IOTA pop up gallery in Halifax.

August/September: Went to the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale New York as the recipient of their first parent residency grant.  Completed several new series of letterpress works:

26cbutler2015CalmsAreUsuallyOnlyofaTemporaryNature(detail) 27cbutler2015Depressionshoweverdonotnormallypassinsuchshorttimes(detail)

See more works on the WSW blog: http://www.wsworkshop.org/2015/09/carly-butler/

October – performed The Weather Maidens at Nocturne Art at Night with Arianne Pollet-Brannen:

28cbutler2015 The Weather Maidens

And to round out the year…showed work at the Toronto Art Fair with Julie M Gallery:


art toronto booth 2015

busy in the analogue world…but computer dying

So, no posts since day two!  My hard drive is failing and trying to get online is an exercise in frustration – like it’s 1995 and my computer has decided the internet was just invented.

But I’ve been busy…

Here’s where trying to add photos makes me throw the computer through the window…

Back to hand setting type.

Here we go – residency day 1!

Finally made it to Rosendale, New York and the Women’s Studio Workshop  after an epic 14 hour road trip from Halifax to New York City (epic largely due to the addition of a 3 year old in the back seat…).  But, we’re here!

(Actually Fin and Sam aren’t anymore, as they are continuing on to Sam’s parents in Vankleek Hill, Ontario – much to Fin’s horror – and will be back next week.  Wish Sam luck…)

This is the studio building:


And here’s where we’re living!
We have a great little space (actually it’s pretty big) at the back with our own washroom and then we share the kitchen and sitting room with the gals upstairs (one other resident artist and two interns).  It’s about 200 ft from the studio.


And, most important, here’s my little letterpress studio!  I love it!  I’m all tucked in a corner through another room and can just hide away and experiment/make mistakes etc.  One of the intimidating things about doing a residency is that you’re always a little bit ‘on show’ with people watching what you’re up to, which can be a bit freaky when you’re trying stuff out – like how to use this Vandercook press, which is completely different than the one I use in Halifax at the Dawson Print Shop.  It’s manual, for a start, so a lot of it doesn’t even look the same.  But, it’s day one of 4 weeks, so…lots of time…